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A black chandelier with white shades over each  of the six lights

Lighting is Jewelry for Your Rooms

It is said that lighting is jewelry for your room. It can provide character and interest in its style and scale. It also provides a means of secondary decorating and manipulation of spaces through accents. 

The vast majority of homes built today never consider the functional lighting needs of the people who will live in those homes. Builders frequently use a boiler plate solution for even the finest of homes. 

Every room should have multiple sources of lighting, there should never be only downlights, or only lamps, or sconces, etc. Each type of lighting performs a special function....task, decorative, ambient, and/or accent. When you layer various types of lighting in a space, you create a level of beauty and mood you could not achieve otherwise. 

Clients often overlook lighting or leave it until the last thing, partly because lighting is an abstract concept. Designers move and morph space with furnishings, color, and light. Light is not the least important of these tools. It has the power to create procession and movement, two very important principles of, it's sometimes just pretty to look at! 

Integrate lighting into your home design and see if it doesn't enhance all of your interiors.

a collage of 3 different lamps with the caption, "Lighting defines and lends style"

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